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As practitioners in the field, you witness firsthand that cancer is not just a physical disease, but a journey that takes an emotional toll on patients and their loved ones.

Attune is your partner in delivering cancer care for the mind. A clinically-validated app that offers accessible mental health support for cancer patients, attune promotes wellness among those you serve.

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What is a PDT?

Prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) like attune are a new class of medical devices that use software to treat medical diseases. PDTs require a prescription and may be reimbursable through health insurance.

PDTs utilize clinically-validated therapeutic protocols, demonstrate safety and effectiveness in randomized controlled trials, are regulated by the FDA, directly treat medical diseases and can measure improvement.

What is CBSM?

Cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM) is a clinically-proven therapeutic approach created specifically for cancer patients. Its key principles are woven into every fabric of attune’s program. Trusted cancer advocacy associations and experts recommend this solution-focused therapeutic method to enhance both emotional and physical health among people with cancer.

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Submit an ePrescription online through iAssist by AssistRx. If your practice does not have an account, you may register through the link below.

FDA Regulated

Attune is currently the subject of ongoing clinical trials. Due to the ongoing public health emergency of COVID-19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the urgent need to support cancer patients and has enabled attune’s immediate release to the public.

In my experience the attune app provides patients with a tool box of resources to help them more effectively cope with stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms related to their cancer diagnosis. It is perfect for patients who are proactive with their mental health needs, comfortable with digital apps, and are looking for convenient resources to help them help themselves.

Diana D., LMSW

Merging Science and Support to Promote Lasting Patient Health

4 out of 10
cancer patients have clinically significant levels of anxiety and/or depression
Less than 50%
of patients who experience cancer-related distress are referred to mental health care specialists
Less than 1,000
cancer-specific psychologists across the U.S.

Attune bridges the gap between mental health and cancer support to deliver care that’s easy for you to prescribe and simple for patients to use.

With attune, you can rest easy knowing your patients are getting the emotional support they need.

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    Submit an ePrescription online through iAssist by AssistRx. If your practice does not have an account, you may register at the link below.

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Healthcare providers’ frequently asked questions.

Data and Privacy Compliance

What patient information from attune is sent to me?

You will not have direct access to your patients’ information from attune. However, you can see patient information in the clinician dashboard feature within attune during a patient's appointment.

Can I (a provider) view or edit a patient’s information?

You cannot edit your patient's information in attune. However, during appointments, you can view patient information via the clinical dashboard to guide the patient's treatment plan.


How do I prescribe attune?

There are three ways to prescribe attune. You may submit an ePrescription through the iAssist online portal, submit a handwritten prescription to, or speak with an attune representative.

What do I prescribe an ePrescription for attune?

Prescriptions for attune™ may be submitted as ePrescriptions through iAssist by AssistRx. If your practice does not already have an account, you can register for one here. Please consult their FAQs for more information about account setup and electronic prescriptions.

How long does it take to prescribe a patient attune?

Prescribing attune is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Do I have to pay for iAssist or install new software?

iAssist is a free and easy-to-use portal that allows healthcare providers to prescribe attune and other digital therapeutics. Once submitted, fulfillment is handled automatically by our team.

How do I create an account in iAssist?

To create an account in iAssist, visit the login page and select “Register.” Enter the required practice and account details. Then add a prescriber to the account by verifying their NPI and specialty and adding the prescriber’s signature.

Still have an unresolved question?

Contact the Blue Note Therapeutics Help Center at 415-200-3697 or

Attune is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, or cure a medical condition.